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This awesome cutequeen steering wheel desk is one of the most important products you can buy for your car this year. If you like avoiding spills and making a mess, then this product is invaluable. Getting take out and enjoying it in your car is fun. However, if it messes your car up, then it is a real hassle. With this product, you can avoid these kinds of problems and also make space for other important things like working on your laptop.


Car laptop eating steering wheel desk

The Steering Wheel Desk Perfect Place for Eat and Work in Your Car

The over the steering wheel desk is the perfect place for you to place your laptop and get your work done. If you are a working professional who is on the road often, then you are going to love this desk. This product is going to make things a whole lot easier for you whether you are working out of your car or just running some technical tests from it. If there is one product you can buy to make your everyday tasks easy including working and eating when you are in your car, this is it!

Over the steering wheel desk

Lightweight Steering Wheel Desk for Your Car

This car laptop desk is very lightweight. Which means your steering wheel is not going to be burdened by it. Even when you add the weight of the laptop and your lunch on it, the steering wheel will remain perfectly fine. The exact dimensions of the product are – 28cmX42cmX2cm/11 inchX16.5 inchX0.79 inch and so,

There is ample space for everything. The product itself is made with high-quality plastic which is well suited for all kinds of hot and cold surfaces. So, you will not need to worry about heating up your laptop too much or damaging your tray with super hot food. Buy this product for yourself or gift it to someone and make their car-work life a whole lot easier.!


Car laptop desk

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