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The Despicable Me’s Minions franchise is one of the most beloved in modern animated cinema. If you like it as much as the millions of minions lovers, then you must buy this minions coffee mug. Shaped adorably in the form of a beloved minion, it is a picture to behold on every desk. You can keep it at home or take it to work and be sure it will be your go-to mug every time you decide to coffee!

Despicable me minion coffee mug
Despicable me minions coffee mug

High-Quality Ceramics Minions Coffee Mugs

This despicable me minions coffee mug has been rated 100% BPA free. So, this means it is completely safe and made with all safety and health standards in mind. It is also constructed with high-quality ceramics. This means it is very sturdy and will not let your expectations down. This also means that it will retain heat far more than you may expect. So, finding your hot brew warm even after you let it sit while you got busy with work is not so unlikely after all!

Minions coffee mug
Minions coffee mug

Like any evil genius, you are probably concerned with doing this perfectly. Well, this minions coffee mug will stick with you for years as you lay out your plans for world domination. The best way to preserve its finish is by giving it a handwash. You may also want to avoid microwaving since Minions do not enjoy being fried!

But you can try Lumumi USB Coffee Warmer

Despicable me Minions coffee mug
Minions coffee mug

Minions Coffee Mug is the Best Gift for your Kids

If your kids love these cute minions, then this Despicable Me coffee mug is the best gift for your kids. Buy it for any occasion or just to surprise them. If you have a minions fan club or an evil genius seminar coming up, this is the ideal gift for bulk purchase. You can be sure everyone will love you for it between the evil laughter and genius world domination plans!

minions coffee mug
Despicable me coffee mug

There are some coffee mugs which are as good as the current one too. Like heat changing coffee mug, Not a fabulous coffee mug, etc.

You can buy the Minions Coffee mug on Amazon

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