Geek Gifts

The holidays are fast approaching. Have you bought something for every geek on your shopping list? If not, don’t worry: We’re here to help. We’ve come up with a list full of gift ideas for nerds  that are sure to please the Star Wars geek, Superman super-fan, or committed tabletop gamer in your life. Below, you’ll find great gifts ideas for weather gifts that are specifically suited to certain types of nerds, along with more general ideas that should help you discover the perfect fit for the uniquely geeky guy or gal on your holiday gift-giving list.

Everyone loves at least one nerd or geek. You might be one yourself. Shopping for nerds and geeks is a lot of fun, especially when you have access to a variety of geek- and nerd-approved items. This list of gifts includes techie trinkets, science fiction fun, and bizarre oddities that will appeal to the geekiest people you know!

Nerdy & Geeky Gifts for Men:

Tired of boring gifts? We are too. It’s Nerd has gathered some of the nerdiest innovative technologies you can buy for men. Geek gifts for him, we have products that range from creative technologies to innovative solutions for problems you never knew existed. Perfect presents for those guys who have everything! Gift ideas for weather geeks suits best for him and below are some gift options.  Geek gifts websites provide all nerdy gifts. 

Shopping geek gifts for him can be particularly tricky, especially because the list of unique items that appeal to men can be a relatively short one.  Gift ideas for nerds  is also a fine line between practicality and sentimentality, and leaning too much in either direction can make for a bad present idea. Our selection at It’s NERD found the middle ground between the two. Each gadget in our selection will show the man in your life that not only do you care, but you also understand exactly what he needs to make his life just a little bit better. Whether you’re shopping for your dad, your brother, your husband, your boyfriend or a really good friend, you’ll be able to find the right item right here to show him you care. Browse through all our items, and find the perfect gift with a geeky twist. 

  • NES Classic Edition:  Gifts for nerdy guys Gaming geeks will go nuts for the NES Classic Edition, which is smaller than the original and comes preloaded with 30 games including old favorites such as PACMAN, Zelda, and Donkey Kong.
  • The Book of General Ignorance: They can forget everything they ever learned at school with this book, which blasts common misconceptions out of the water; did you know that a mushroom is the largest living thing?Fits best for news gifts. 
  • Do Anything Smart Button: If you thought buttons were only good for clothing, think again, because these clever versions can locate misplaced items, make calls, take photos, and even lock and unlock doors. Gifts for nerdy guys like the above are best fit for him. 
  • Geeky Animal Shirts: You can put a pair of glasses on any face and it’ll look nerdy, which makes these cute animal t-shirts the perfect geek gift. Choose from the dozens of different designs – from a fish to a ferret – and they can wear these happy hipster tees with a smile on their face. Geek gifts websites are best to pick nerd gifts. 
  • Gameboy Heat Changing Coffee Mug: Nerd gifts like  Gameboy geeks will be more than hydrated when they have this mug to drink from, as they will want to make the magic happen over and over again. When it’s cold, it displays a blank screen, but once it’s filled with a hot liquid, the Mario game ‘loads’ and the game begins.

Geek Gifts for Women: 

The women in your life could undoubtedly use a gift that makes their lives easier, and you would probably rather not drive to the mall.  Geek gifts for her, luckily these tech-savvy gifts are all available online.Style and function are top of mind here. There’s a chic and sleek activity tracker, a suitcase that keeps her connected, an all-seeing assistant, and a drawing tablet of a different feather.

  • Away The Carry-On: She might not be going anywhere right now but for when she does, The geek gifts for her like Carry-on from Away looks like ordinary luggage but it’s packed with features. Nerdy gifts for her is a built-in battery that can charge her phone multiple times, which ejects to meet TSA regulations. The exterior is made of light but unbreakable polycarbonate, and there’s an interior compression system.
  • Modern Sprout Smart Growhouse: It seems like everyone is into plants these days, particularly if they also provide food. The Modern Sprout Smart Growhouse has full-spectrum LED lights and is app-enabled to let her grow leafy greens and herbs to supplement meals or just pretty flowers and succulents to add happiness to a room.
  • Bamboo Record Player: Nerdy gifts for her derived from an appreciation for music, Rohan Marley (the son of legendary musician Bob Marley) jump-started his line of audio devices with a commitment to preserving ecosystems abroad. A portion of proceeds from sales will support his reforestation and ocean-preservation initiatives, in partnerships with One Tree Plants and the Surfrider Foundation. 
  • PopWallet+ Rose Gold Lutz Marble:  Nerdy gifts for her like geek gadgets add functionality to her phone case with the PopWallet+Rose Gold Lutz Marble. It attaches easily to add a pocket for cards and a way to prop up her phone.
  • Lexon Mino L Speaker: Geek gadgets like Lexon Mino L Speaker sound as good as all other Lexon speakers but it has a little something more going for it and that’s by design. Its look is inspired by Miami Art Deco and is the work of designers Andrea Quaglio and Manuela Simonelli.