Awesome BLUE Double-Sided Gesture Control Stunt Car

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This amazing Double-sided gesture control stunt car is the best gift you can give to any child or fun-loving adult in 2020. Buy it here!

Driving around remote control cars is a pastime many people enjoy. While this technology has been around for years in the toy market, recent years have given us gesture control cars. This amazing toy is the latest in this category of product and it pushes boundaries on what you can expect from them!

gesture control double sided stunt car

Does your child like the idea of driving their toy car around with a gesture? Do they love stunt toys that they can play with for hours? This awesome hand gesture remote control car will give them exactly what they need! It is sturdily made, well-designed, and works perfectly with its hand remote control.

gesture control double sided stunt car

This double-sided gesture control stunt car comes with 2.4GHz technology for highly responsive controls. This makes it easily operable under most circumstances and makes it highly durable. In addition, the gesture-controlled RC car also has a 7.4V 1400 mAh battery pack for long runtime. This extra-large capacity allows you to drive your RC car the way you want wherever you want!

gesture control double sided stunt car

Thanks to its brilliant design and structure, your kids, or even you, can take it anywhere. No longer will your car have to stick to the living room or the backyard. Take it to off-road surfaces and uneven terrain to drive your RC car as you have never done before.

gesture control double sided stunt car

Lastly, aside from the excellent design, this gesture-controlled stunt car also has great lights and music. In addition, it carries a twisting tiger whistle which sounds just like a real car. So, it can drive on any terrain while being easy to find and putting on a great light and sound show. Now that’s a great toy for all ages. Buy it now!

gesture control double sided stunt car


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