Gifts Under $25

You don’t have to spend all your money to show your loved ones that you appreciate them, especially when the holidays roll around. You already know that the more people you’re shopping for, the more all those gifts add up—the good news is, there’s no shortage of amazing gifts out there that don’t break the bank, some of which can even be personalized for an extra special touch.These budget-friendly  gift baskets under $25 and totally thoughtful gift ideas are guaranteed to be some of the best gifts they’ve ever received, whether you’re shopping for Christmas, gifts for hunters under $25, gifts for photographers under $25 their birthday, an anniversary, or “just because.” From your plant-loving best friend and your book-obsessed partner to your wine-and -cheese loving host and your mom (who definitely deserves some self-care treats), there’s something for everyone in this roundup of affordable gifts.

Unique Gifts Under $25:

  • Credit Card Size Lifecard Foldable Gun:  Gift baskets under $25 the LifeCard gun is a single shot compact rimfire foldable gun that folds up into a design about the size of a pager, stack of playing cards, or a small wallet. … Because it needs to be unfolded to be fired, it is not considered an NFA (National Firearms Act) item. When it comes to concealed carry, it’s all about keeping your gun hidden. This is why unique gift ideas under 25 like the pistol market have seen such an increase in smaller, more concealable handguns in the past few years.Gift baskets under $25 the lifecard folding pistol was invented with the idea of designing the smallest, most innovative pistol anyone has ever seen.Unique gift ideas under 25 like the lifecard foldable gun is designed to have a discreet shape which gives it a sleek and no-snag design and comes to the size of a credit card when folded and has a storage capacity to handle 3 rounds of .22 LR and has a full-sized handle for easy use when unfolded. $25 gifts for men can be the lifecard foldable gun is completely ambidextrous and has specially built-in safety features.
  • Lumumi USB Coffee Warmer for Beverages:  $25 gifts for men: the Lumumi USB tea coffee cup warmer and the heater is a great way to keep your beverage warm. The device detects and heats your beverage automatically and keeps it at a comfortable 35 degree C. So, all your beverages can stay drinkable warm at all times. The device is small in size and this makes it easy to carry. This means you can have it at work or at home and find your beverage always awesome warm to drink. It runs through a 220V AC power supply and comes with an indicator, plug, and switch. Gifts for photographers under $25 can be perfect too. As gifts for photographers under $25 will make their journey more adventurous. 
  • Hamilton Beach Breakfast Sandwich Maker: There’s no need to sit in line at a fast-food place when they can make their own breakfast sandwiches at home in just five minutes. The removable nonstick parts can also be cleaned in the dishwasher. Christmas gift ideas for her under $25 this could fit if she likes sandwiches. 
  • Knock Knock Original Personal Library Kit:  Christmas gift ideas for her under $25, perhaps someone you know takes their personal library so seriously that they’ll want to check books in and out the way they used to do in public libraries. This kit comes with 20 return-date slips, 20 self-adhesive pockets, plus a date stamp and ink pad.
  • Amazon Smart Plug:  $25 gifts for men this smart plug makes controlling the lights as easy as telling an Alexa-compatible device to turn them off. A smartphone app can set up a daily schedule for lights or small appliances, and easily make it look like someone is home when they’re not. 
  • Blooming Lollipops:  Christmas gift ideas for her under $25, this set of eight lollipops makes for a unique small gift. The suckers have botanical-inspired flavors such as sage and marshmallow, rosemary and mint, and lavender and lemongrass, but the real surprise is that the seed-embedded sticks can be planted when you’re done with the candy to grow real plants. Gifts for hunters under $25 can also be interesting to look at and explore.