Diwali Gifts

The happiest time of the year. A fresh start. An enlightening beginning and the list goes on. You can call it by many names. That’s the beauty of this exquisite festival Diwali. It has a great cultural and emotional significance in India and has given birth to certain rituals which are followed despite any odds. One such exciting ritual is gift-giving. You give gifts to all your loved ones as a token of gratitude and blessing. The gifts are given to everyone of every age and place who is of your kinship. With so many gifts to be given it is very hard to come up with any new Diwali gift ideas. It is very common to have affordable Diwali gifts such as chocolates, dry fruits, or home essentials consisting of Diwali gifts of household items. These ideas still work when it is about giving Diwali gifts to someone outside your family. But when it is about Diwali gifts for friends and Diwali gifts for family. You need to come up with creative Diwali gift ideas.  To assist in coming up with a Diwali gift item list we will focus on special Diwali gifts which will make your loved ones’ Diwali more wonderful. 

Best and unique Diwali gifting ideas for friends and family

We have Diwali gifts for friends, Diwali gifts for family, and more importantly affordable Diwali gifts for your loved ones. Our special Diwali feature is Diwali pattasu online shopping. Yes, you heard it right Diwali pattasu online shopping is now available so you can grab this Diwali special gift for your children. To give you a closer look at our Diwali gift items list let’s break it down and talk about it one by one: 

Carousel Candle Holder: A festival of lights as we rightly said. To add more light and elegance to your loved ones’ Diwali celebration here we have this natural candle holder. You don’t need to put in a battery or charge it anyway. The only effort you would need to contribute is that you lit a candle or Diya and put it in this beautiful candle holder. This could be one of the  Diwali gifts household items which can be used for decoration and attracting the guests to your abode. 

Candle or orange: From one candle holder to now an actual elegant candle. You can also say it is a healthy candle to breathe. The reason being is that it provides a very nice natural fragrance of orange fruit. Not only does it smell like orange citrus but also it has the shape and color of orange so you better not mistake It for orange because the smell and shape are so authentic. Buy this colorful and exquisite collection of candles as a Diwali present.

Classic Vase: You might have seen anime on your local television when you were kids and in those anime or cartoons the adult characters were usually fond of vases and this fondness though unrelatable as a kid but was clearly visible. Now it is pretty obvious that a cult classic and all-time unique vase multiply the decor of the room and it really looks opulent. 

Honey Bee String Light: There are a few insects that are irritating on the other hand there are a few which make you feel peaceful and delightful. A honeybee without a sting is that insect. And to give the same kind of harmony and aura around you we have this powerful string light. It is the best kind of sustainable gift you can offer your loved ones. It is a solar-powered, environment-friendly, and high-tech string light consisting of an easy on and off switch for ignition. To sum it up it is eco-friendly and environmentally friendly with a highly advanced solar panel kit with options of brightening the light. It has an automatic sensor that switches off the light in brighter settings.

Long burning Candles:  When it is Diwali you need diyas and candles. They are a must without them. Diwali is incomplete. Not only Diwali there are other prominent festivals and birthdays where we need candles to blow or keep them for long. These clover-shaped candles come in a pack of 12 and can burn up to 4-5 hours. 

Birds Showpiece: Birds are often associated with love birds so if you ponder giving a gift to two of your friends who are love birds and made for each other here is what you can opt for. It is available in two radiant colors and is known to have a positive vibe wherever the showpiece is placed. 

Foldable Book Lamp: You have received a gift and it looks like a book. You go ahead and intend to open it. While doing so you realize it is a foldable book lamp! The best surprise gift you can give anyone and anyone will be in love with this beautiful surprise gift. It is easy to carry so the gift could be valued and carried anywhere by the receiver and it works approximately for 5 hours when fully charged.

Floral Runner: This vibrant floral Runner is a masterpiece. A great decor piece to have and is versatile. It suits any place you place it. It makes the place look cheerful and beautiful. Adds a lot of beauty to the environment. One thing you would definitely love to give yourself this Diwali.