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Decorative Yoda Bookcase For Desk

Need some help in organizing your shelf? This Star Wars bookend features Master Yoda using the power of the force to prop up your favorite texts

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Star Wars Yoda Metal Bookcase

clear your bookshelf along with your mind with this Star Wars Yoda bookcase that uses the illusion of the force (Along with its slanted meta base ) to hold your books Yoda bookcase helps you display a sacred collection of Jedi texts or your favorite page-turner with a little help from master Yoda.This yoda bookshelf is similar  to Supershelf Floating Bookshelf ,both have similar purpose and features.

Yoda bookcase

The Yoda bookcase elegant and awesome slanted design gives the effect of the revered Jedi Master using the force to do the heavy lifting Master Yoda is a beloved part of the Star Wars universe, and now, it’s not only Luke Skywalker that gets to benefit from his help. Your books can have a much-needed boost thanks to this charming Yoda bookend, which features a slanted metal frame and a tiny portrait of the Jedi master.

When in use, it appears that Yoda is summoning the power of the Force to prop up a selection of your favorite lightweight books.For ordinary shelving, the design is an effective way to add quirkiness to your decor, but its single color and clean lines make it a subtle nod to Star Wars fandom.

Master yoda book holder

It’s perfect for the adult that loves to indulge their geeky side yet wants to effortlessly complement the rest of their furnishings.The Yoda bookend is now available through our online shop. And if you’re looking for other fun book accessories, My Modern Met Store has bookmarks inspired by other pop culture icons like Harry Potter and the Wicked Witch.

So what are you waiting for? Show your love for star wars and get this awesome Yoda bookcase now for you and it can also be gifted to your geek and book-loving family and friends so they can continue their habit of reading and love for books with style and beauty..


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