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Adjustable Over Bed Sliding Table

What if I say that you get a chance to do all your work without leaving the most comfortable place on earth which is your bed ? how does that sound to you? Impossible Right? And how about I tell you that it is possible if you have the right tools at your disposal.

Heavy duty overbed table

Over Bed Sliding Laptop Table With Wheels

With our new product that is over bed sliding  table, you can do all your work on your laptop staying comfortably relaxing on your bed Yes you heard it right “over bed sliding table”.

Overbed table laptop

What you’ll need is a bedpan by your side, a TV with Netflix, a carer to roll you on your side every few hours so you don’t get bedsores, and this amazing rolling bed table that will allow you to work and eat in bed. over bed sliding table comes with a polished and shiny wooden surface supported by strong and durable metal frames where you can place a laptop computer or tablet to work on plus a place to set some food to eat.

Heavy duty overbed table

With this strong and elegant design over the bed sliding table when not in use can sit past the foot of your bed. When needed again for work or food just bend down roll it towards you and start working. Despite having such great strength and durability over bed sliding  table is not heavy and does not carry much weight giving you the option for rolling it over to any place when needed without pulling any muscle or anything .The dimensions with the over bed sliding table are adjustable which gives you an option for adjusting its height as per your comfort and preference.

Overbed table laptop

It has also been equipped with four rolling high quality on the bottom of every corner so you can easily roll back and forth over bed sliding  table with its strong build and elegant design comes in the dimensions which are compatible with all bed sizes even with the king-size beds.

So what are you still thinking about check out the over bed sliding  table right now and bring the style and comfort to you home right away


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