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Light Weight & Portable Tactical Self-Defense Pen For 2021

Uzi plan of action Pen Defender with Glass Breaker – Black spanking new Uzi plan of action tactical self-defense pen. Color: Black. Measures 6″ fifteen.2 cm. manufactured from light-weight craft metal. options a solid, triangular formed glass breaking crown which will be accustomed to strike AN aggressor or to interrupt glass to flee in AN emergency state of affairs. The crown is incredibly robust and may be used effectively against AN aggressor with pinpoint accuracy to deliver blunt force trauma and cause nice bodily pain. This pen may be a dependable self-defense weapon that will be carried around a place like your shirt pocket, compartment, purse, or backpack. To use the pen, merely twist the tip to jot down. A tactical self-defense pen comes with a durable, outsized pocket clip. Includes a customary Parker black cartridge and accepts Fisher house pen refills if desired. This is often a solid, well-created plan of action pen that might build an excellent gift. Please note: Listing is for one pen. The accessories pictured aren’t enclosed. Buy a Tactical self-defense pen. In this life, many places are not safe so having tactical self-defense weapons is an important part of your life. 


Tactical defender pen

Sminiker Pen The Defender X Tactical Pen

The “DEFENDER” pen includes free intrinsical options together with a Bright semiconductor diode plan of action torch + Integrated Glass Breaker + Rugged Belt Clip + It’s Fisher house Pen Refill Compatible! PERFECT-SIZE FOR CONCEALMENT, self-defense, AND EVERYDAY CARRY! – so get a colt defender tactical pen trying to find the last word of a moveable self-defense/plan of action tool for yourself, a married person or girl, friends, or as a present for somebody you love? You are Gonna LOVE this plan of action pen! At simply half-dozen. 5 inches, your new pen is convenient, light-weight, and multi-functional. You will never have to be compelled to worry concerning the “DEFENDER” plan of action. Pen lease you down once you want it most so get a tactical pen knife. Rest-Assured that your amazing New Pen is made to the best military, swat team, & police-grade specs. better of all, if one thing ever breaks, we provide you a period WARRANTY! Buy a Tactical self-defense pen as it is a multi-function tactical pen. 

Miniker professional defender tactical pen

UZI plan of action PEN IS what’s referred to as A “SURVIVOR’S MULTI-TOOL”, OR A SURVIVAL DEVICE THAT SERVES MULTIPLE functions. The first use of a plan of action pen is simple. It’s a tool for self-defense and writing. The pointed finish of a plan of action pen is ideal for Breaking panes of glass. Simply grip the pen firmly in a very gloved hand, and swing your arm from the elbow sort of a setup.  Some plan of action pens even has a crown decorated finish cap that’s ideal for scraping, jabbing, scratching, and stabbing. Once solely seen in spy movies, widespread use of a plan of action tactical self-defense pens may be a comparatively new development. However, the pens themselves are around in one type or another for an extended time. They’re usually employed by those who don’t like to hold a gun for self-defense. The tactical self-defense pens are effective and can be used by many people so get the best tactical pen for self-defense so buy a tactical pen. 

Sminiker pen

The Defender X also Known as Sminiker

Tactical self-defense pens are also fashionable as a result of being hidden in plain sight. The massive advantage of plan of action pens is that they don’t seem to be a weapon to others. But, if used properly, they will save your life if you discover yourself in a very difficult state of affairs. tiny and straightforward to hold, a plan of action pen may be a capable multi-tool.

They also, of course, are accustomed to writing your grocery list. A typical plan of action pen may be a functioning pen with pressurized cartridges. however, in contrast to a daily pen, plan of action pens have:

  • An extra-sharp Biro will be used against AN assaulter.
  • A blunt finish which will be accustomed to break through barriers, even glass
  • Machined steel or aircraft-grade metal body provides the pen additional weight and makes it helpful as a weapon.
  • Some conjointly go with additional options like lights, lasers, and a handcuff key.



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