This Spare Air Tank Mini Breather Is Lifesaver In Scuba Diving Sessions.

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This spare air tank is one of the most important small additions to your scuba diving sessions. Fit for all kinds of divers, the small cylinder fits in a decent amount of air which can be a lifesaver in emergencies. This can help you save your life or someone else’s. If you are an instructor, having one of these will help avoid any kind of mishap while you are teaching novices.

Spare air model 300
Spare air model 3000

The most convenient cylinder spare air tank that you use in virtually any situation

This spare air tank holds enough oxygen to allow for use in virtually any situation. Whether you are diving to a shallow reef or going deeper, you can use this air cylinder almost anywhere. Plus, its small size and easy apparatus make it a great choice for novice divers as well. If you are spending your kid to diving school for summer lessons, then this is a must-have for them.


Spare air tank
Spare air tank

About the Spare Air Tank

The specifics of this scuba emergency air cylinder are 3000 PSI (200 bars) 3.0 cu. Ft. (85 liters). That is ample air for most emergency situations and it will provide enough air to conclude rescue operations as well. If you are on the coast guard or do a sea to air rescue operations, this product will help you save many more lives in the line of duty.


Spare air scuba
Spare air scuba


Finally, you can refill this spare air small emergency scuba tank with more oxygen once it has been used. In fact, you should do this after a set period whether you have used it or not. The refillability factor makes this a product that will stay in your scuba kit for years to come. Buy it for yourself or someone you know will appreciate a spare lifeline while diving underwater!

Small scuba tank
Small scuba tank
Scuba emergency air
Scuba emergency air

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