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New 3d Halloween Radio Control flying witch

Halloween is scary and fun.. the tricks and treats.. the Halloween parties…Halloween is always memorable..and this Halloween to make it more scary and fun we at best online stuff have got something is the radio control flying witch..

The radio control flying witch is surely one of the most needed things for you this Halloween to scare your friends and neighbor and children’s asking for treat and tricks this radio control flying witch will surely scare them away and help you save some treats for you at the end of the evening.

Radio control flying witch

Radio controlled 3D cardboard flying witch For Halloween lovers

Witches have been a scary thing not only for young children but also for adults..we all have grown up hearing stories about witches from a very young age and seen the movies and documentaries about it all our adulthood.. but with the radio control flying witch is sure to send chills down not only for impressionable children’s spines but also for your friends and neighbor by making flying witches a reality during Halloween, This is the perfect halloween toy for kids.

The remote-controlled flying witch is a must-have for any Halloween lover This witch is made from 3D cardboard cutouts that fly awesomely in the sky to create the illusion of witches taking to the sky on their brooms.

Remote control cardboard flying witch

Radio control cardboard flying witch For Halloween Party

The radio control flying witch is customized and handmade from 3d cardboard and plastic to make it look like a witch has taken over the sky with the broom on. so what can be more fun than flying a remote control plane? piloting a witch of course especially when you know it’s going to scare the hell out of your friends and neighbors

The witch largely consists of flat Depron pieces held together with an internal frame, with linkages to control lift (via the cape) and steering (via the broom “bristles”). Propulsion comes from a brushless electric motor with a 10-inch propellor. Flying through the sky, the 3D effect is convincing — Halloween is here.

So why wait? check out the new radio control flying witch right away at and make your Halloween more spooky and fun this year… party hard!


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