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Mini Pocket Slingshot For Hunting

The Pocket Shot is a revolutionary evolution of the traditional slingshot. The circular design allows a quick load at two to three times the rate of a regular slingshot. … The Pocket Shot is designed to shoot paintballs, airsoft pellets, slingshot ammo, and arrows only. remember target shooting with friends?Remember going out into the yard and shoot cans with rocks? the pocket slingshot helps you to be prepared for battle in a quick game created by you and your it target practice or challenge to see who has the skills to shoot the furthermost the pocket slingshot is surely going to be an important part of your summer fun time

Pocket slingshot

The pocket slingshot is evolved and has been the first of its kind starting with the round shape that departs from the traditional Y shaped design of yesterday. The new shape provides the user with the ability to shoot objects of varied weight and sizes and 2 – 3 times further than a traditional slingshot. This gives the end-user an improved slingshot experience they have never had before The Pocket Shot is designed to shoot paintballs, airsoft pellets, slingshot ammo, and arrows only.

Pocket shot power

Lightweight Pocket slingshot For Survival

The pocket shot is made from best in quality durable aluminum and high-quality latex but still is very easy to carry and lightweight that can simply fit into your back pockets. the dimensions are 2.3 / 1.3 inches when not in use and can expand up to 5 inches. 5 inches. Its small size makes it easy to transport in your pocket, backpack, and any other type of carrying case

Pocket shot arrow slingshot

The Pocket Shot is not considered a toy, but a tool that can be used for recreation or hunting purposes.the pocket slingshot is easy to use as you will just have to place your ammo in the circular time pull back the pouch with the ammo, aim, and release. So what are you waiting for? check out the new pocket Slingshot for the most accurate and faster shots and increase your shooting capabilities now at


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