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The best pocket monkey door latch slip in 2021

The door latch slip is highly used for lock popping or lock slipping which works on the fundamentals of slipping the plastic between the door and the frame. Today we present you the new pocket monkey door latch slip which not only works as a door popper but comes with 12 multi-functional capabilities and is as small as a credit card which can be carried easily anywhere anytime.

pocket monkey door latch slip

Zootility Pocket Monkey Utility Tool with Durable Stainless Steel

The pocket monkey door latch slip is made from hard and durable stainless steel in the state if portland USA and comes in the dimensions of 3.28 inches X 2.02 inches X 0…4 inches and is merely 1mm thick. The pocket monkey door latch slip is a multi-tool that has laser engraved markings and can be used to perform important 12 functions in our day to day life.

magnetic door latch

The pocket monkey door latch slip can be used as a bottle opener and screwdrivers and also can be used as a phone kickstand, a letter opener..a a door latch slip ..or a hex wrenches, and not the least as a vegetable or fruit peeler. The pocket monkey door latch slip is hard and durable and won’t break when bent as it is heat-treated for extra strength and is completely rust-free.

zootility tools monkey

Comes in an ultra-thin shape and design the 1 mm thick pocket monkey door latch slip is just 0.04 Lb in weight and can be accommodated in the card slots of your wallets. The pocket money is a unique and out of the box idea and useful addition to wherever someone keeps their cards. While it isn’t the best choice for any of the things it can do, it is the most convenient for when you need to do what it can handle. When considering multitools, convenience is a factor that the PocketMonkey door latch slip can certainly claim.zootility pocket monkey multi tool


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