Froot Loop Style Cereal Bowl Candle great way to surprise your love

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This Froot loop serial bowl candle set is a great way to surprise your loved one on their birthday morning. Buy it now!
Cereal Bowl Candle

Do you fancy giving your loved ones a special bowl of fruit loops on your birthday? Make their special day a blast with the perfect start to their morning. These awesome fruit loop cereal bowl candles make for the ideal way to begin any birthday. Whether you want to surprise your spouse or your kids, this is the perfect way to do so.

Froot Loop Cereal Bowl Candle

Cereal Bowl Candle Make the best birthday breakfast ever!

These high-quality froot loop cereal candles have been designed carefully to burn perfectly on all kinds of liquid surfaces. So, you can simply place them in the bowl of your birthday beloved and they will light up like the driest of candles.

The high-quality wick in these froot loop cereal bowl candles also ensures they can be lit even when wet. So, even if you accidentally flip them over, you do not need to worry about ruining them. Now that is a great way to make the perfect breakfast birthday bowl of cereal for your loved one. Pair it with a great anti soggy cereal bowl and color-changing mug for the best birthday breakfast ever!

Froot Loop Style Cereal Bowl Candle

These cereal bowl candles also make for the perfect gift to any of your friends and family. They too can surprise their loved ones with a perfect bowl of cereal candle delight in the morning. In fact, if you are planning to gift this product set to someone, you can combine it with others as well. The awesome Nessie ladle and the handy-some TriceraTaco Taco Holder are great options you can look at.

So, if you are one for unique birthday settings and surprises, then this froot loop cereal bowl candle set is perfect for you. Get them now and plan out the perfect birthday morning for yourself or any of your loved ones. Make your purchase now!

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