Woof Washer 360 Degree Dog Shower Hose For Your Dog

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The 360 degree dog shower hose is a thing of beauty. We all know the woes of trying to bathe our dogs each week. It gets really hard when they do not cooperate and you need to get it done right. Plus, reaching all the important parts with soap and water can be quite difficult. This is where this product is such a handy tool. Not only does it makes the entire process a whole lot easier, but it also reaches every corner and nook of your doggo’s body. So, you get to give them a clean bath without much hassle and do a great job with ease too.

360 degree shower
360-degree shower

How Does Woof  Washer 360 Degree Dog Shower Hose Work?

Another great thing about the 360 degree dog shower hose product is its sheer durability. The ring of the product is placed sturdily on the handle. It is flexible and can be moved about too. So, you are not stuck using the ring from a stationary point. This allows you to give your doggos a complete bath in any way you want to. Plus, the high pressure of the streams allows better and deeper cleaning without using too much water pressure. That is why this is the hottest selling dog grooming product in the market right now!

Dog water hose attachment
Dog water hose attachment

360 Degree Dog Shower Hose Features

The 360 degree dog shower hose automatic features of this product make it a very great choice. All you have to do is connect your hose to the main device, push in the soap magazine and get to the bathing. Since everything is done in one go, you do not need to make things any messier than needed. No more slippery soap suds, no more excess foam on your shorts, and no more reluctant doggo trying to get away. Buy this awesome product now!

Dog wash hose
Dog wash hose
Dog wash hose
Dog wash hose
Dog wash hose
Dog wash hose

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