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There are varieties of stun gun available in markets and stores however all other stun guns only induces pain and do not in capitate muscle or knock down the attacker. But with this new Taser Pulse Civilian Legal Stun Gun, you can override the attackers’ central nervous system making the muscular control difficult of thirty seconds as the TASERs will work anywhere on the body.

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As long as the current is flowing through muscles, the attacker will lose control of said muscles…So make your safety complete and strong with the new Taser Pulse Civilian Legal  Gun. The Taser Pulse Civilian Legal  Gun is a high tech subcompact weapon with a concealed carry design and is a straight like and useful device for everyday personal safety.

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A perfect weapon for close-range interactions the Taser Pulse Civilian Legal Gun comes with two live cartridges and is a highly trusted weapon among law enforcement. The Taser Pulse Civilian Legal Gun is completely legal and authorized in all states and territories by the federal government and does not require a license to carry in most of the states with the proven record as a strong alternative to pepper spray and other personal safety products.

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The Taser Pulse Civilian Legal Stun Gun offers you a 15 feet shooting distance and features laser-assisted targeting and a battery indicator. Easy to use and compatible to carry the Taser Pulse Civilian Legal Stun Gun is sure to be one of the best personal safety products for you.

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The Taser Pulse Civilian Legal  Gun is surely one of the best gifts for your close family and near and dear ones which will help them get their personal safety completed with this stun gun.Go ahead and check out the new Taser Pulse Civilian Legal Gun now and order yours at Amazon.com

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